Condado-San Juan PRModern and busy San Juan is the capital of the Islands of Puerto Rico. As all capitals, it is where big things happened. Great museums, old historical places, big shopping malls and exclusive tourist areas.

San Juan itself can be experience as Puerto Rico. But because their modern life, sometimes you miss the more genuine flavor of the rest of the Islands. As a small geographical nation, most people that work in San Juan are naturals to towns near the metro area and each town strike for their own identity. Ponce tries to be different than San Juan and Mayaguez to Arecibo.

old san juanHistory is an attractive way to spend your vacations. People like the story that happened centuries agro. The Old San Juan is one of those places that show up this beautiful stories. Spanish army fortress, colonial houses, old stones streets and the medieval hispanic culture are some of the things that attract people to the Old San Juan.

The historic place of Old San Juan is were most of the cultural life of the metro area happens. All boricuas reach the Old San Juan sometime in their daily life to enjoy time in this melting pot of rich, poor and not so poor locals. Everyone has something to do even if they don't have enough money to enjoy dining or drinking. If you are planning to come by January, try to match the Calle San Sebasti√°n festivities. They are one of the best in all the Americas.